Privacy Policy


We are committed to protecting your privacy.  This Privacy Policy details how we use your personal identifying information. This Privacy Policy may be modified at any time without notice to you. Please review this document each time you visit us or use any of our tools or services.

 We will never reveal your personal information to any third party or entity except under the following circumstances, or as explained.

If a governmental agency, or an solicitor, subpoenas your private information, or makes a formal request for discovery pursuant to any legal action, or pending legal action. This is particularly true when a matter concerns Section 29 (3) of the Data Protection Act of 1998, but may also be relevant for any legal inquiry or investigation by the government, regulatory agency, or private solicitor.

       If our solicitor requests such information relevant to a current or pending legal matter in which you are a potential or actual party or otherwise contributed in some way to the causation of the legal matter.

 Please note that we employ the use of “Cookies.”  Currently we employ “Cookies” when users create user accounts, but we may further employ “Cookies” to assist the functionality of other tools, services and functions in the future. “Cookies” are small programs that enhance your use of the Internet, in general, and specifically we use “Cookies” to enhance your usage of our functions.

 As you employ our various functions, your user name, password and email addresses are recorded in our database. A session “Cookie” is written to your browser for the purpose of maintaining an authenticated session with you, the user. The information gathered is not shared with third parties. You may turn off your “Cookies” by adjusting the appropriate setting on your browser. Please consult the HELP menu of your browser to learn how to turn your “Cookies” off. “Cookies” do not reveal personal information and if you turn off your “Cookies” you may find your enjoyment of the Internet, and our site, to be reduced or impaired.

 “Cookies” and IP addresses help us track visitors to our site and to the sites owned and maintained by our various customers. Providing such data to our customers is an inherent part of an important service we provide our contractees.

 You may be required to complete online registration forms that provide us with contact information (such as your name and street address), your email address, and your phone numbers.

 We may, from time to time, send you emails regarding our service so that we can directly communicate with you regarding issues we determine to be relevant. This is because we may need to contact you if there is a change in the service that we are providing you or if we need to respond to an inquiry that you have sent us regarding a customer service issue or other important concern.

 While we endeavor to meet or surpass the industry standard regarding the protection of transmitted data, there is no such thing as perfect security on the Internet.

 Should you send us any correspondence of any nature, we will collect the information relevant to the correspondence, including your return address and other contact information.

 We will use your personal information internally, for correspondence to you, and to resolve issues.

 We may use your personal information internally to improve our services to you and to adjust our marketing approaches. We will also use your information and data relating to usage patterns to better target specific marketing and service offers to you.

We will not lease, sell, lend or otherwise give out your email address to any third parties or entities.

Should you communicate with us via email, please understand that while we will take all reasonable efforts to keep your data secret, all communications on and via the Internet are subject to a certain amount of risk.

 Should you request in writing, we shall cancel your account and erase all personal data from our database. We will endeavor to honor your request with all reasonable haste.

  Should we refer you to any third party companies, via links or other means, please read the privacy policies of any such sites as we are not responsible for their privacy policies and business models and practices.

 We may modify or otherwise change elements of this privacy policy without any prior notice being given to you. Please review this policy each time you use our site or any of our terms and services. We will always post the most recent version of this privacy policy on our site for your review.

 Should you have any questions about our privacy policy or related practices, please communicate directly with us by emailing us.