As a Park Manager or Assistant Park Manager you will live and work on a campsite throughout the season. Your primary objective is to ensure that our clients have an outstanding holiday experience.

To be successful you will need to possess the following:

  1. A desire to provide at all times the highest levels of customer service.
  2. A determination to achieve the highest standards of cleanliness for our clients’ mobile homes and tents.
  3. A practical approach to undertaking minor repair work to our clients’ mobile homes and tents.
  4. Good basic administration and numeracy skills.


Cleaning Client Accommodation

  1. At the beginning of the season every mobile home and tent and its contents will need to be cleaned, both inside and out.
  2. At the end of the season every mobile home will need to be thoroughly cleared and prepared for the winter.
  3. Tents will be built at the start of the season and taken down at the end.
  4. The cleanliness of all mobile homes and tents must be maintained to a high standard for every new family that arrives during the season.

Customer Service

  1. Greeting new clients and settling them into their mobile home or tent.
  2. Providing a daily reception service to ensure that clients can ask questions and have any queries resolved quickly.
  3. Regular visits to clients to make sure they are enjoying their holiday.
  4. Checking clients out of their mobile home or tent on the day they leave to ensure a safe and timely departure.


To download the job descriptions, please use the links below;

Job Description Park_Manager (PDF)

Job Description Assistant Park Manager (PDF)