Frequently Asked Questions About our jobs

Q. Where are the vacancies for 2018?

A. The majority of the vacancies will be in Italy.

Q. How long is the season?

A. We have around 50 campsites, which all open and close on different dates. Therefore, the length of the season can vary.

Q. Do I need to have experience in this type of work?

A. No, although we are always looking for industry experienced people.

Q. What skills do I need for the jobs on offer?

A. We look for people with good life and customer service skills. People with administration skills and those with experience in building trades, such as plumbers, electricians, patio layers and lino floor layers, are also of interest to us. From time to time we need new Maintenance Engineers. If you apply for a Maintenance Engineer’s position you must have a current gas qualification which covers mobile homes, both LPG and mains gas.

Q. Do you have any age restrictions?

A. Yes, the minimum age is 18 at the start of the contract, but we have no upper limit. As long as you are fit and healthy we accept applications from people of all ages. We must point out that some of the work, especially at the beginning and end of the season, can be very physical.

Q. Can couples apply together and will they be placed on the same site?

A. Yes, we accept applications from couples and we always keep couples together during the main season.

Q. If my partner wants to be a Maintenance Engineer, what happens to me?

A. Where one person has a specific role, their partner can take on either a Park Manager or Assistant Park Manager role. Each application is considered on an individual basis.

Q. I am not sure which job to apply for

A. It is always best to apply for an Assistant Park Manager’s position to start with. We assess all the applications and, depending on experience, etc., we place people as Park Managers or Assistants. Some applicants prefer to start as Assistants to gain experience before taking on a site of their own.

Q. What is the difference between an Assistant Park Manager and a Park Manger?

A. We place Assistant Park Managers on sites where we need more than two people. While most of the duties are the same, the Park Manager takes overall responsibility and normally undertakes the majority of the administrative tasks.

Q. Do I need to speak any languages?

A. Yes, all of our personnel must be able to speak, read and write English to a good level. Any additional language skills would be an advantage.

What we offer

Q. Where will I be based?

A. We review all applications in the light of our current vacancies and we place people where we consider they will be best suited. We take into consideration the following factors:

Q. What training will I receive?

A. All new personnel receive induction training at the beginning of the season. This is supported by ongoing training as and when required.

Q. What is the monthly pay?

A. This depends on a lot of factors. All Assistant Park Managers start on the same rate. Park Managers are paid according to the number of units they run - the more units, the higher the amount.

Q. I am not English and do not have a UK bank account - how do I get paid?

A. We have many nationalities working for us and we will pay you into a European bank account.

Q. How many hours do I work each day?

A. At the beginning and end of the season you will be working to open up and close down the client units on your campsite, so working hours can be planned and are more regular. During the season you will have morning and evening reception sessions, plus ‘odd jobs’ and busy arrival days, but to balance this there will be more ‘down time’. The key is flexibility.

Q. Do I get a fixed day off?

A. No, although you will get a day off each week. Flexibility is important.

Q. If we have applied as a couple do we get the same day off? A. Yes, but again flexibility is important. Q. What do I wear when I am working?

A. Every member of staff is provided with a uniform.

Q. I am an older person and do not like wearing shorts - what alternatives are there?

A. Some of our ladies prefer to wear skirts or long linen trousers, which they buy at their own cost. As long as these are navy blue in colour, this is acceptable. We do not allow cut-off shorts, cropped trousers or vest tops.

Travel and transport

Q. Who pays for me to get to site?

A. Our travel expenses policy is as follows: A contribution to your travel is made for your outbound and homebound journeys. This is paid on the satisfactory completion of your contract. If you fail to finish your contract, no payment is made. (2016 Figures)

Q. If I do not have a car and have to fly, how do I get to my site?

A. A representative of European Camping Services Limited will be at the designated airport to meet you and take you to site.

Q. If I have a motorhome will I be able to move it off-site during the season?

A. This will depend on which site you are placed. Some of the staff pitches have limited access in season, so a secondary form of transport such as a small motor bike is useful.

Q. Do I need to bring a car?

A. Yes, if you can. But please remember that you will need to ensure that you have insurance in place for the entire period that you are abroad and also that your MOT will not expire, as it is not possible to MOT a car in a country other than the one in which it is registered. If your MOT runs out you may invalidate your insurance.

Q. Why do I need to ride a bike?

A. We show our clients to their accommodation and we therefore provide a bike to enable you to do this. On some sites, particularly the larger ones, you will not live near your reception or the client units and a bike is the quickest way of travelling around the site.

Living on a campsite

Q. Where do I live when I am on-site?

A. Where we agree that you can bring their own motorhome or caravan, you are provided with a pitch for the season. If you do not have your own accommodation a company tent is provided, which is very similar to the standard client tent (not the Maxi Tent), which can be seen on the Happy Camp website . If you choose to live in a company tent a £60 per person deposit is taken from you. This is returned to you at the end of the season when your tent is returned in good order.

Q. Do I pay for the pitch?

A. No, this is free of charge, but it must be remembered that it will not be one of the best pitches on the campsite, as these are allocated to clients.

Q. Do all pitches have water, electricity and waste services?

A. You will always have electricity and access to water. However, none of our current pitches have waste disposal. These services are located in the campsite shower blocks.

Q. Do I pay for water, electricity, waste disposal and use of the shower blocks?

A. No, these services are all provided.

Q. Can I use the campsite facilities whilst I am living on-site?

A. On most sites you will have free access to swimming pools, etc. However some campsites do restrict staff access and you will be advised accordingly.

Q. Are Italian, French or Spanish gas bottles and regulators the same as those in the UK?

A. No, each country has a different system, but our Management Team can provide advice on this.

Q. I have a pet - can I bring it with me?

A. No, sorry. We have a ‘no pet’ policy for staff.

Q. What do I need to bring with me?

A. If you are bringing your own accommodation you should pack for a period of extended travelling as normal. If you are going to live in a company tent you will need to bring towels and bed linen and clothes. Remember, if you are starting a season in March or April or ending in October or November, it can get cold!

Q. Can I bring computers etc., with me?

A. Yes of course, but if you are living in a company tent these items will not be secure because tents cannot be locked. We therefore suggest that you bring a limited number of valuable items.

Q. Do all the campsites have Wi-Fi?

A. No they do not, but the number that do is increasing. Telephone and internet SIM cards are reducing in price in Europe, so we suggest that you consider purchasing a mobile Wi-Fi device which is unlocked for all networks.

Applying for a job

Q. How do I apply?

A. On the Home Page click on the relevant job of interest. This will bring up the box to ‘apply now’, which will take you to the application form. Please ensure that you complete all the boxes before submitting your application.

Q. When will I hear from you?

A. We will acknowledge receipt of your application form by email, confirming that we will contact you again once we have reviewed your application. Timescales for further contact will vary depending on the time of the year.

Q. When and where do you interview?

A. We interview in person between November and February, including in various locations in the UK. Interview locations at other times of the year are dependent on current vacancies.